The Films of Vincent Ward

Vincent Ward is a New Zealand film director and artist known for his visually dominant and emotionally visceral approach to filmmaking. He is perhaps most widely known for directing The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (1988), Map of the Human Heart (1993), and What Dreams May Come (1998). Watch now

Recent Articles

Superhero Box Office Showdown

In honor of this year’s superhero team-ups and showdowns, I have been challenged to a competition of my own with one Mr. Phillip Pap. Once a frequent contributing editor here at Frame of Motion, Phil has since established his own film website entitled Film Dunce Files. Now known among film critic circles as arch-adversaries, Phil and… Continue reading Superhero Box Office Showdown

Slow West (2015)

I’m not sure if the western frontier of America can be described in terms of speed. In fact, the West comprises of so much territory that such a definition would be too broad to obtain accurate specificity. However, the setting of director John Maclean’s Slow West certainly does invoke an unhurried atmosphere through its depiction of the… Continue reading Slow West (2015)

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