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Taylor Kujawa’s Top 10 Films of 2010

This year was a notable year of film for me because I broke away from primarily viewing blockbuster films and dived more into independent films. Lists aren’t really that good to make when it comes to film because you can’t compare certain motion pictures. Some are completely different genres, while others are executed in completely unique styles. Yet for me, it’s always fun to round up my favorite movies of the year. Enjoy!

Notable Mention – Tron: Legacy: As I did last year, I have a notable mention because there is always one movie that couldn’t quite make the list. This year, that film is Tron: Legacy. With the best visual effects of the whole year, Tron: Legacy is the perfect way to continue the Tron storyline not seen on screen since the early 80s. I saw this film twice, first in standard format and then in IMAX. Even the second time around, I was dazzled by each aspect of the visual world the film establishes.

10. True Grit

9. Greenberg

8. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

7. The Kids Are All Right

6. The Social Network

5. Inception

4. Blue Valentine

3. 127 Hours

2. Somewhere

1. Black Swan