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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Let’s just get this out of the way: I’ve never seen a Mad Max movie.  This isn’t to say Mel Gibson driving around post-apocalyptic Australia doesn’t appeal to me; it’s just something I never got around to.  After seeing the trailer, I expected the audience to be fairly similar to the Furious 7 crowd: young, dumb, and full of testosterone. Instead, it was more similar to the group of people surrounding me when I saw Lincoln: old, calm, and full of Flomax (sequel idea: Mad FloMax).

Looks can be deceiving.  Some movies go from 0 to 60 a bit faster than I’d like.  Mad Max: Fury Road starts at 60, accelerates to 120 and stays there the whole time.  I expected the audience to be taken aback by this, but they loved it.  They gobbled up every crazy second of this movie, to the point where I almost forgot that I was the baby in the theater, and wanted the movie to just slow down for a second.

The movie is essentially a dozen climactic car chases mashed into one movie.  Other than Max, I can’t think of another character’s name, and his is in the title, so that’s cheating.  There are maybe two pages worth of dialogue total, and the blistering pace can be a little wearing.  Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie that knows exactly what it is, and doesn’t bother trying to be anything more.

But oh my god is this film fun.  Every action sequence is masterfully choreographed, every part of this insane world is intricately crafted, and every weird little element of this movie is as weird as it can be.  It feels like every grunt and goon’s costume and make up were the result of decades of character study.  The world of this movie is insane, but director George Miller makes sure that it feels real and full.

I didn’t go into Mad Max: Fury Road hoping to see the 2016 Best Picture Winner.  I went into it hoping to see cars mash into each other and people go completely bonkers.  Cars mashed, people went bonkers, and it was all done in a spectacular fashion.

Quick Review: Mad Max: Fury Road is a movie that knows exactly what it is, and does what it does very well.  If you’re looking for two hours of complete mayhem, this is the film for you.

Grade:  B+


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