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Entourage (2015)

I set out to write a review for Entourage and this is what came out.

These reviews are written for free. Taylor and I aren’t getting paid, we’re doing this purely for the love of cinema, and our few and fiercely loyal fans (we love you all). So with the Entourage movie coming out, one of us had to commit some serious time into binge watching the entire series. One of us had to take the burden of 96 episodes, averaging around 25 minutes, for a total of 40 HOURS of content. One of us had to listen to that dang theme song, which implants itself in your brain like a parasite, sucking the life out of you one “AWH YEEAAAHH” at a time. One of us did that. For you. It was me. You’re welcome.

Entourage, the series and movie, follow fictional movie star Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his friends as they travel around Los Angeles with some of the most first world problems ever put into a story. In one episode, Vinnie buys perpetual mooch Turtle* (Jerry Ferrara) a sports car only to find out Turtle’s beautiful, also rich, also incredibly supportive TV star girlfriend has also bought him a sports car. That’s just an example. But it’s also not a complaint. I have a theory that Entourage actually is meant to serve as a modern day fantasy story. Had authors of the fantasy genre continued to write about their own time period instead of somewhere vaguely in the middle ages, this is what fantasy would look like today.

So if Entourage’s titular entourage mirror’s Fellowship of the Rings’ titular fellowship, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) is Gandalf, a wizard who ultimately pulls all the strings and magically solves every problem. Vinnie is Frodo, a curly-haired short man who despite being extremely boring has everyone following him. E** (Kevin Connolly) is Sam, the actual protagonist who stands by the guy everyone follows and keeps him motivated. Turtle and Drama*** (Kevin Dillon) are Pippin and Merry respectively, as they serve no real purpose to the group, but are still along for the journey. Everyone else is the eagles because they show up whenever the wizard can’t magic the problem away and save the day for him.

But fantasies are always wrought with weak characters and convenient solutions. Fantasies (in my opinion) have always been about the worlds they create. Entourage’s LA is a truly amazing place that exists outside of space and time. In it, a Jekyl and Hyde reboot about a DJ that uses club drugs can simultaneously be a summer blockbuster and Oscar bait, Aquaman is the biggest superhero, and Haley Joel Osment does and doesn’t exist in the same sentence****.  Essentially, the world is a playground for Vinnie and his entourage and it’s undeniably entertaining to watch them play in it.

Quick Review: If you’re already on board with Entourage, you’ll probably enjoy the movie as well. If you’re not, give it a shot, and most importantly watch in moderation.

Grade: C+

*Turtle is the name of a character, not a real turtle.
**E is the name of a character, not a street drug or Sesame Street letter of the day.
***Drama is the name of a character, not a genre of narrative fiction.
****Ari refers to Haley Joel’s character (who isn’t actually Haley Joel) as a “Forrest Gump” reject, implying Forrest Gump (which stars Haley Joel) exists within the universe of Entourage.


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