A women's football spectator hits a cooking pot with a drum stick.
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TIKS: Women’s football documentary highlights the champions of the sport

Throw In The Kitchen Sink (TIKS) is a five-episode web documentary series produced by 3Lance Media of the United Kingdom. The series premiered on March 29, 2021 with subsequent episodes released weekly.

Directed by Ajani Pile-Gray in association with James Lewis, the series examines the hardships that women’s football faces day-in and day-out. Episodes bring together various perspectives from industry professionals within the sport. This includes professional footballers such as Maz Pacheco, Katie Rood, Amber Stobbs and Jade Pennock.

The series takes its name from the expression “throw the kitchen sink”, which means to give everything you got to overcome an obstacle. As coverage of women’s football increases, many issues continue to come to light. Such issues and themes are discussed in the series, including sexism, representation and professionalization.

To throw the kitchen sink at something means to try everything you can to solve a problem, to break down a barrier or defence.

Through its coverage of the barriers women’s football faces, Throw In The Kitchen Sink features the likes of journalists, agents, players and managers. This includes representatives of organizations such as BComs, Lewes Football Club, Her Football Hub and The Zone LDN.

Following the release of the final episode, a second installment of the series was announced.

All initial episodes of Throw In The Kitchen Sink are now streaming on YouTube. To watch the first episode that is centered on sexism and sexuality, click here.